Welcome to my Natalie Wood Appreciation Page. My name is Michelle and I have been a Natalie fan since 1991. I found whilst surfing the net for my "Natalie fix", not a lot on offer about this beautiful, talented woman, who is sadly no longer with us.

Much has been made in the press lately of the tragic circumstances surrounding her untimely death in 1981, and I thought that it should be her remarkable life and career that is thought of, not the sad details of her death. It is not fair to Natalie's memory or her children and immediate family to constantly drag it up time and time again.

For the four decades that she was with us, she managed to charm millions of strangers all across the world (even the U.K., where I live!), and I thought it was about time we appreciated that achievement.

Thanks to her films and television appearances, her spirited and enchanting performances will continue to influence future generations. Given that it is now over twenty years since her passing, I think that's something to be thankful for!

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