Television Appearances of Natalie Wood

The Affair (Spelling / Goldberg, 1973)
Cast: Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Bruce Davison, Jamie Smith Jackson, Kent Smith, Frances Reid, Pat Harrington. (74 minutes, Colour.)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Granada TV, Ltd., 1976)
Cast: Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Laurence Olivier, Maureen Stapleton, Jack Hedley, Mary Peach, Heidi Rundt. (120 minutes, Colour.)

From Here to Eternity (Columbia Pictures Television, 1979)
Cast: Natalie Wood, William Devane, Steve Railsback, Roy Thinnes, Joe Pantoliano, Kim Basinger, Peter Boyle, Salome Jens, Andy Griffith. (Six-hour miniseries, Colour.)

The Cracker Factory (Roger Gimbel Productions / EMI, 1979)
Cast: Natalie Wood, Perry King, Peter Haskell, Vivian Blaine, Juliet Mills, Marian Mercer. (100 minutes, Colour.)

The Memory of Eva Ryker (Irwin Allen Productions, 1980)
Cast: Natalie Wood, Ralph Bellamy, Robert Foxworth, Roddy McDowall, Bradford Dillman, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Peter Graves, Mel Ferrer, Morgan Fairchild. (144 minutes, Colour.)

Pride of the Family (Revue Productions/ABC Network, 1953-1954)
Cast Regulars: Paul Hartman, Fay Wray, Natalie Wood, Bobby Hyatt. (Weekly half-hour sitcom, B&W.)


1985 - Cinemax: Crazy About the Movies - Natalie Wood

1982 - A Tribute to a very Special Lady

1996 - Lifetime: Intimate Portrait - Natalie Wood

1998 - E! The True Hollywood Story - Natalie Wood

1999 - Headliners and Legends - Natalie Wood

2000 - The Final Day - Natalie Wood

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